Fragrance No. 1

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Natural Vegan Wax Blend.
40+ hour burn time.




Notes: Amber, Jasmine, Neroli  




• “Croix de la pluie” in Français translates to Rain Cross. This is the symbol of Riverside, CA. My beautiful home that is filled with an abundance of life and culture. The unique City Raincross Symbol is derived from combining a replica of the mass bell used by Father Junipero Serra, missionary priest and founder of the California Missions, and the cross to which the Navajo and Central American Indians prayed for rain. Called the "Raincross" symbol, it was designed for the Mission Inn and given to the city by Frank Miller. The Raincross symbol has been identified with Riverside since 1907. Variations of the symbol are used extensively throughout Riverside in architecture, street signs and lighting standards, and is used on the City flag.

Riverside will always be my home, I feel my best and fully comforted when I am at home amongst my community and people.
This fragrance candle is crafted w/ the finest oils from France and poured locally in California by @florilege_int. There are notes of “neroli” the blossom of the orange. I’ve created this fragrance to emulate scents of my home that bring me comfort. I hope this candle brings you the same comfort in your dwelling space as I feel on the day to day basis being a riverside resident.